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Your guide to making medicine funding applications.

Pharmac's process can happen alongside Medsafe's assessment of any product. We will need proof that an application has been made to Medsafe. 

Application guides

Our application guides help step you through the application process. We need comprehensive information before we can accept an application. The guides will help you complete your application.

Guide to making an application [PDF, 570 KB]

Guide for clinicians and consumers [PDF, 136 KB]

Share an application with a consultant (for pharmaceutical suppliers) [PDF, 489 KB]

Adding information to your submitted application (all users) [PDF, 362 KB]

Pharmac uses the Factors for Consideration when considering every funding decision. We recommend you address the relevant factors in your application.

Guidance for incorporating the Factors for Consideration into your application

Templates and terms for suppliers

Budget impact analysis (BIA) template [XLSX, 199 KB]

Epidemiology tables [XLSX, 34 KB]

General Terms of Listing in Section B of the Pharmaceutical Schedule and General Terms of Listing in Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule [PDF, 235 KB]

Account maintenance

Adding and managing staff users (for pharmaceutical suppliers) [PDF, 218 KB]

Adding and managing users (application consultants) [PDF, 319 KB]

If you need to deactivate a user, email us on

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PharmConnect’s security measures

Security measures include:

  • two-factor authentication at log in
  • strong password requirements
  • two-email process to reset your password
  • user controlled access rights
  • suppliers can appoint their own system administrator to manage access rights for their organisation.

Suppliers can control what information their own staff can access.The Pharmac staff who assess applications cannot view your draft application. An application only becomes visible to them once you have submitted it.

Follow the progress of your application

After an application is accepted, you can track its progress through the Pharmac funding process on Application Tracker.

About Pharmac’s funding process

Adding or changing a medicine in the Pharmaceutical Schedule

Before we can finalise listing any medicine, we will need specific details from the pharmaceutical supplier.

Process and form to notify Pharmac of product changes

Who to contact?

Check our troubleshooting guide for answers to some common problems

Troubleshooting PharmConnect

If you have any questions or problems using PharmConnect, email

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16 May 2024 - Supplier Guidelines re-uploaded with corrected date - this was the only change.

28 February 2024 - Supplier and Consumer/Clinician guidelines updated for parallel assessment. 

4 January 2024 - Summer hours removed

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