Getting devices onto the Hospital Medical Devices List

In the future, hospital medical devices purchased by Te Whatu Ora hospitals will only come from the Hospital Medical Devices List.

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Getting a hospital medical device listed

Pharmac is contracting hospital medical devices by category. As we finish procurement with suppliers in each relevant category, we add their devices to the Hospital Medical Devices List. We are still working on some categories of devices.

Category information for devices

Suppliers should subscribe to ‘Pharmaceutical Management Agency’ on the New Zealand Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS). We publish notices about future procurement activity and listing opportunities on GETS.

GETS website(external link)

Changes to the Hospital Medical Devices List (including new listings) occur on the 1st of every month and must be agreed in advance.

What are national contracts?

Pharmac has contracts with hospital medical device suppliers (manufacturers and distributors) to provide hospital medical devices and related products for Te Whatu Ora.

All Pharmac hospital medical device contracts are built from a standard template with standardised terms.

They include a range of options to support local requirements and include terms and conditions for the use of hospital medical devices.

Pharmac’s contracts for medical devices are generally evergreen. Evergreen contracts do not have an end date. Some contracts will have fixed term components, for example price reviews and maintenance arrangements.

Sample of Pharmac’s contracts and standard terms and conditions [PDF, 746 KB] 

Benefits of having contracts

Having your hospital medical devices in the Hospital Medical Devices List ensures that Te Whatu Ora hospitals can consider your products for use in their hospital.

A contract with Pharmac removes the need for suppliers to enter arrangements with each locality (or individual hospital). This streamlined approach also applies when updating product information.

Te Whatu Ora hospitals can choose which devices they buy from the list without needing to run a primary procurement process.

How does the contracting process work?

In most cases, Pharmac will run an open procurement process. Suppliers will then apply to list their products on the Hospital Medical Devices List.

Once the proposals have been received, Pharmac identifies which devices to progress based on value and need.

Pharmac then asks for feedback on the proposal. We ask Te Whatu Ora procurement staff and share this on our website for New Zealanders to tell us what they think.

All consultations and decisions

Pharmac considers the feedback, makes any required changes, before a final decision is made. We then notify health care workers and the public to whether the hospital medical device is approved.

If approved, Pharmac lists the hospital medical device on the Hospital Medical Devices List, within the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

To support the implementation of the hospital medical device, Pharmac works with Te Whatu Ora and suppliers to support any changes associated with its use.

Who to contact

If you have questions about our hospital medical devices work programme, email