Hospital medical device supply management

Responsibilities for contract and supply management are shared between Pharmac, Te Whatu Ora and suppliers.

Pharmac’s responsibilities

Pharmac is responsible for monitoring performance against hospital medical device contracts, including:

  • maintaining the list of devices under Pharmac contract
  • receiving regular reporting from suppliers on order fill rates and timeliness of supply
  • determining the effects of stock issues on other suppliers’ ability to meet their obligations
  • determining the wider implications of a stock issue across a product/category range
  • working with Te Whatu Ora to escalate any performance issues or supply interruptions that are unable to be resolved.

Te Whatu Ora responsibilities

Te Whatu Ora works with suppliers on:

  • operational stock management and supply
  • managing short-term backorders and supply issues
  • and organising supplier-provided services, such as training or servicing requirements.

Te Whatu Ora also evaluates products and processes to determine which listed hospital medical device meets their specific clinical and/or service delivery requirements.

Supplier responsibilities

Suppliers are responsible for:

  • supplying their devices to Te Whatu Ora in line with their agreements
  • engaging with Te Whatu Ora and Pharmac when there is an identified supply risk
  • working with Medsafe if the supply risk relates to a possible adverse effect.

Who to contact

If you have questions about our hospital medical devices work programme, email