Strategic Direction Te Ahunga Rautaki

Pharmac's strategic goals sit within the broader health and disability sector. Our work contributes to the Government's vision of pae ora (healthy futures) for New Zealanders.

Our vision

He Rongoā Pai, He Ahu Pae Ora

Through our work with medicines, vaccines, medical devices, and related products, we will build on our existing foundations and work together towards a future of health and wellbeing for our whānau.

Our mandate

Our mandate remains the same:

To secure the best health outcomes that are reasonably achievable from pharmaceutical treatment and from within the amount of funding provided.

Our strategic priorities

We are focusing our efforts to make the biggest impact to the health sector outcomes. Our three strategic priorities are:

Strategic management of the Combined Pharmaceutical Budget

There are significant opportunities to better plan and manage the Budget over a mediumterm horizon to ensure that we achieve the best health outcomes and health equity for New Zealanders from medicines, vaccines, and related products, while staying within the fixed budget set by Government.

Enhanced assessment & decision-making

Making improvements to ensure that we make high-quality, evidence-based, and timely funding decisions that achieve equitable health outcomes. We need clear and consistent processes for assessment and decision making, including clarity of how equity considerations and te Tiriti are embedded throughout our work.

Strategic management of medical devices

We have built strong foundations for medical device contracting and procurement. With our sector partners there are significant opportunities to maximise health benefits to New Zealanders by implementing an integrated approach to hospital medical devices, which drives better value and more consistent and equitable access.

We intend te Tiriti o Waitangi, health equity, and collaboration and engagement to be key components of Pharmac’s activities and initiatives. Underpinned by organisational excellence, they are integral to everything that we do.

The following image outlines our strategic priorities and the key factors that are part of our work.

A diagram showing woven blocks, each block has a name. Pharmac's priorities are on each warp, and the Health sector priorities of te tiriti o waitangi, health equity, collaboration and engagement form the weft. A separate block at the bottom says Organisa.

Alignment with the sector

We are a vital part of the broader health and disability sector. Our work aligns with the principles and outcomes of the health and disability sector.

Pae ora health sector principles

The health sector should:

  • be equitable, including equitable outcomes for Māori
  • engage with Māori, population groups, and others to reflect their needs and aspirations
  • provide opportunities for Māori to exercise decision-making authority
  • provide choice of quality services to Māori and other population groups
  • protect and promote people’s health and wellbeing.

Health Sector Outcomes

The Interim Government Policy Statement wants a health and disability sector that is:

  • embedding Te Tiriti o Waitangi across the system
  • laying the foundations for the success of the system
  • keeping people well and independent in their communities
  • achieving equity in health outcomes
  • developing the workforce of the future
  • ensuring a financially stable health system

Our framework demonstrates how each principle, outcome, priority and value make up our strategic framework.

Our values

Our values inform our approach to our work. 

5 roundels displaying our values, whakarongo (listen), Tūhono (connect), Wānanga (learn together), Māia (be courageous), Kaitakitanga (preserve, protect, and shelter)..

Our values and what they mean to Pharmac

More information

For more detail about our goals, read our latest statement of intent.

Statement of Intent 2023/24 - 2026/27