Hauora Arotahi Māori health areas of focus

These are the Māori health areas of focus as voiced by whānau Māori.

They form part of Pharmac's Factors for Consideration, which help us make all our decisions.

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From an earlier list of 7 health areas, Pharmac has checked back in with Māori communities on what has changed or not changed from the original health areas.

A final Hauora Arotahi Summary Report was produced from the 8 community hui, the 371 survey responses (including online responses) and internal staff discussions. 

Who to contact

You can also provide feedback to us on this work at any time.

Contact us at enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz

Hauora Arotahi

Pharmac has listened to these Māori voices to collate and finalise the five Hauora Arotahi - Māori Health Areas of Focus - below (in order of priority):

  • Mental Health
    Hauora hinengaro

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Health-High Blood Pressure & Stroke
    Manawa Ora

  • Respiratory Health
    Romaha Ora

  • Cancer – Lung and Breast
    Mate Pukupuku

Having heard the voices of Māori communities, Te Pātaka Whaioranga (Pharmac) will be continually working to develop and implement advances in these Hauora Arotahi, to best help achieve equitable health outcomes for Māori.

About Hauora Arotahi

We're committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and aspire to being a great Tiriti partner. To guide us on this journey we have a Māori Responsiveness Strategy – Te Whaioranga.

Within that strategy, Hauora Arotahi (Māori health areas of focus) guide our choice of health promotion programmes and funding for Whānau Ora Collective-led whānau programmes.

Since 2016, Hauora Arotahi have also guided our medicines funding decisions, alongside clinical evidence of Māori health need. Both of these ways of addressing Māori health need form part of our decision-making Factors for Consideration.