PharmConnect: Troubleshooting

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Note: The Pharmac staff who will assess your application cannot view your draft application. It will only become visible to them once you have submitted it.

Your browser matters

We recommend you use the Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers.

PharmConnect will not work on Internet Explorer.

Logging in – verification code issues

  • Each verification code emailed to you is valid only once.
  • Enter the code only, with no spaces.
  • If you enter the code incorrectly, a blank verification code screen will pop up and you will automatically be emailed another code. Ensure you are entering the code from the latest email.
  • If you don’t receive a verification code email, check your spam folder.
  • If you have registered with a business email, ask your IT service desk to check whether your organisation’s cyber security filters have blocked the email.

Information no longer visible

To prevent any loss of information in your application, use the ‘Save’ button often.

Always save before moving to the next section or subsection questions.

You may need to scroll down to the button.

You can still change the information until you submit your application.

Error message when trying to submit your application

If the error message includes the text “STRING_TOO_LONG: Application Name: data value too large”, it means that you have exceeded the character limit for your application name.There is a combined character limit of 253 for these three fields:

  • registered name
  • brand name
  • indication.

To resolve this issue, review the text in the three fields above, particularly the ‘indication’ field. The pathway to this field is:

Product Overview > Proposed amendments to the Pharmaceutical Schedule > Please provide details on the indications for which funding is sought.

Reduce the text until you have a combined character limit of 253 for the three fields. 

The pathway to the other two fields is Product Overview > Pharmacological Information.

Images not uploading

  • Only upload .gif or .jpg or .png image formats
  • 1 MB is the maximum file size for any one image
  • Resize your images before uploading them – you cannot edit them in PharmConnect
  • URLs for images must begin with:
    • http:
    • https:
    • data:
    • //
    • /

Submitted application still in “draft”

When you’ve finished, we recommend you check the status of your application. “Received" indicates it’s been successfully submitted.

If it still says “draft”, you may have missed a mandatory field or an error message.

Still having issues?

If the tips above do not resolve your issue, please email and we will look into it.

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