From application to funded medicine: Pharmac's process

We have a process for all funding applications to ensure that every application is treated fairly. Our job is to prioritise which new medicines will deliver the best possible health outcomes for New Zealanders.

Pharmac's process can happen at the same time as Medsafe's process to assess that a medicine meets standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

Process diagram - details below.
How Pharmac assesses a medicine for funding.

How long does it take?

We can't give a definitive timeframe for how long it takes for an application to be lodged until its funded. There are many factors that influence when or if we fund a medicine. 

Before we can fund a medicine, we need:

  • a clear health benefit for New Zealanders
  • a deal with a medicine supplier
  • enough money in the budget to fund it this year, and in future years
  • to consult on our proposal with everyone who may be interested.

Once these align, Pharmac works quickly to fund a medicine for New Zealanders. 

We do report on the average time it takes for an application to be funded