Funding for medicinal cannabis products

On 1 April 2020, the rules changed for prescribing cannabis products. Doctors can now prescribe approved medicinal cannabis products.

Making a funding application

Learn more about how Pharmac will consider applications to fund medicinal cannabis products, as it does other medicines.

Individual funding applications

In rare cases, a person's clinical circumstances are so exceptional, we may consider an application to fund medicinal cannabis for an individual.

What are medicinal cannabis products?

The Medicinal Cannabis Agency administers the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme and ensures medicinal cannabis products meet the minimum quality standard.

Medicinal cannabis products contain:

  • one or more cannabis-based ingredients
  • no other prescription medicines or controlled drugs.

Some people also call them cannabis-based medicines (CBMs).

Medicinal cannabis products can be:

  • a dried cannabis product, or
  • a product in a pharmaceutical dosage form (such as tablets or capsules).