Having your say

Hearing from consumers helps us makes better decisions.

Application Tracker

You're here because you want to have a say on an application that is in our Application Tracker. Unfortunately, the application is not ready for that yet. 

Depending on what stage the application is at, we might be waiting for:

  • the budget to fund the medicine
  • a deal with a supplier
  • clinical advice
  • more information from the applicant.

How long will it take?

There is no timeline for how long an application will take to be funded. It depends on the relative priority of each application and on how much budget Pharmac has available.

About prioritisation

We probably want to fund the medicine too

We understand it can be frustrating when a treatment you or your family or whānau could benefit from isn't funded.  

We would love to be able to fund more medicines but unfortunately that's not possible. We have a budget that we're required by law to remain within. The Government sets that budget. Every dollar we get in the pharmaceutical budget we spend on medicines, vaccines, and devices.

We take our decision-making responsibility seriously – we also have friends, family, and whānau affected by health issues. Every medicine we do fund, means that there are others that we haven't been able to fund. Our role is to fund medicines which will give best health outcomes for New Zealand as a whole. 

About our prioritisation process

Your voice is important

Hearing how medicines impact the lives of New Zealanders is vital to us. We can make better funding decisions with your input. 

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