Gastroenterology update

1. Coeliac disease and the GP - Dr Kristin Kenrick (parts 1, 2) (38 minutes + 40 minutes = 78 minutes)

1a: Coeliac disease and the GP
1b: Coeliac disease and the GP

2. Dietary management of common GI disorders - Sarah Elliott (parts 1, 2) (46 minutes + 35 minutes = 81 minutes)

2a: Dietary management of common GI disorders
2b: Dietary management of common GI disorders

3. Inflammatory bowel disease - Dr John Wyeth (parts 1, 2) (28 minutes + 26 minutes = 54 minutes)

3a: Inflammatory Bowel Disease
3b Inflammatory Bowel Disease

4 Coeliac disease and the GP: Management beyond the gluten free diet - Dr Kristin Kenrick (30 minutes)

4: Coeliac disease and the GP, Management

Gastroenterology update

Seminar held 14 June 2018.


Dr Lynn McBain, Advisor, PHARMAC Seminars, Head of Dept. General Practice and Primary Health Care and General Practice University of Otago, Wellington


Dr Kristin Kenrick, GP and Senior Lecturer University of Otago, Dunedin

Sarah Elliott  Nutrition Consultant, Registered Dietitian from Food Savvy

Dr John Wyeth, Gastroenterologist and Medical Director, PHARMAC

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