Common infections

1. Respiratory – Dr. Arlo Upton and Prof. Bruce Arroll (parts 1, 2) (50 minutes + 50 minutes = 100)

1a, Respiratory
1b: Respiratory

2. Croup, common cold and rheumatic fever (14 minutes)

Croup, common cold & rheumatic fever

3. Urological and genital infections (38 minutes)

Urological and genital infections

4 Meningitis, acne and cellutitis (33 minutes)

Meningitis, acne & cellulitis

5. General antibiotic issues (19 minutes)

General antibiotic issues

Common infections

Seminar held 25 May 2018.


Prof. Bruce Arroll Advisor, PHARMAC Seminars, Head of Dept. General Practice and Primary Health Care, University of Aucland

Dr Arlo Upton - Clinical Microbiologist and Infectious Diseases Physician

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