Sumatriptan: Your brand is changing to Clustran

Clustran brand sumatriptan was funded from 1 November 2023. Imigran brand was no longer funded on 1 May 2024.

Clustran packaging and pen. .

Clustran brand sumatriptan

From 1 November 2023, Pharmac funded the Clustran brand of sumatriptan. This is a change from the previously funded Imigran brand. 

You may recognise Clustran. It was the funded brand from January 2016 and September 2020. 

The Imigran pen was funded until 1 May 2024. Your pharmacist will have changed you to the Clustran brand sometime between 1 November 2023 and 1 May 2024.

How are they different?

The key change is that Clustran comes in pre-filled pens. The pens are single use. Imigran brand had a reusable pen. 

Both brands have the same active ingredient in the same amount. They work in your body the same way. 

Consumer resources are available on link), including videos in English and Māori on how to use the pen. Healthify is an independent source of plain language health information for Aotearoa.


Sumatriptan factsheet in Te Reo Māori [PDF](external link)

Sumatriptan factsheet in Samoan [PDF](external link)

Sumatriptan factsheet in Tongan [PDF](external link)

Why is this changing

Pharmac runs a regular tender process to make sure we're getting the best medicines at the best prices, while staying within the government's Combined Pharmaceutical Budget. As part of this process, we have signed an agreement with Douglas, the supplier of Clustran. They will be the principal supplier of injectible sumatriptan from 1 November 2023. 

Pharmac uses the tender process to reduce the cost of already funded medicines. This frees up the government's medicine budget to fund more medicines for more people.

Information for pharmacists

Detail Clustran Imigran
Supplier Douglas (listed from 1 November 2023) GSK (will be delisted 1 May 2024)
Pharmacode 2647958  799661
Price $29.80 $34.00
Pack type 2 prefilled pens 1 Carry case with reusable pen (supplied separately). 2 cartridge pack
Device type Single use Reusable
Solution Colour Colourless to pale yellow Colourless to pale yellow
Shelf life 36 months from date of manufacture stored at our below 30°C 24 months from date of manufacture stored at or below 30°C
Excipients Sodium chloride, water for injection Sodium chloride, water for injection

Who to contact

If you take sumatriptan injections, talk to your pharmacist or a health care professional you trust.

If you have questions about the funding of sumatriptan, email