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Find out what types of medical devices we have contracted and the ones we're working on.

We're working through the categories of hospital medical devices. Here's our progress.

PHARMAC contracts Categories we're
working on
Other categories coming up 

Anaesthesia small equipment

Beds and mattresses

Disposable laparoscopic devices

Drapes, gowns and procedure packs

Drug-eluting stents

Endomechanical and electrosurgical

Feeding equipment (enteral nutrition)


Hand hygiene

Infusion devices (including parenteral nutrition)

Interventional cardiology

Interventional radiology

Needles and syringes

Negative pressure wound therapy

Non-invasive ventilation equipment

Obstetrics and gynaecology

Orthopaedic implants

Patient warming and cooling products

Rehabilitation products

Respiratory care

Single use instruments

Sterilisation packaging products

Surgical gloves

Surgical suction and wound drainage

Surgical sutures


VTE prevention

Urology, ostomy and continence

Wound care products


Cardiology equipment

Dental and oral health products

Laboratory equipment

Operating tables


Point of care testing (POCT)

Patient monitoring (excluding ECG and critical care)


Critical care devices

Diagnostic imaging

Examination gloves

Personal protective equipment

Renal dialysis – peritoneal dialysis

Scopes and gastroenterology equipment

Sterilisation and decontamination equipment and associated consumables

Surgical and medical instruments

Surgical implants

Theatre equipment


All devices under contract are listed at medical devices under contract - the Addendum to Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule.