Obstetrics and gynaecology

Pharmac is currently undertaking national contracting for obstetric and gynaecology devices and related products purchased by Te Whatu Ora for use in hospitals or in the community across New Zealand.

Contracts will continue to be added to the list below as Pharmac consults on provisional agreements and completes the supplier negotiation process.

Consultation: No current consultations.

Included within the scope of obstetric and gynaecology products

  • Fertility and sterility treatment equipment and supplies:
    • Semen preparation kits & accessories
    • Artificial insemination catheters
    • Embryo transfer catheters
    • Assisted reproduction needles
    • Intrauterine insemination cannulae
    • Assisted reproduction accessories
    • Micro tools
    • Obturator
    • Nontoxic syringe
    • Balloon uterine stent
    • IVF media
    • Cryopreservation devices 
  • Gynaecological equipment and supplies:
    • Intrauterine catheters or catheterization kits
    • Uterine devices & accessories
    • Colposcopy devices,
    • Cervical brooms
    • Vaginal speculum, dilators
    • Gynaecology drainage kits & accessories
    • Perinometers
    • Contraceptive device removers
    • Obstetrics-gynaecologic tubal occlusion valves
    • Obstetrics-gynaecology abdominal decompression chambers
    • Uterine manipulators or injectors
    • Intrauterine pressure monitoring catheters
    • Transcervical intrauterine kits
    • Culdocentesis kits 
  • Obstetrics equipment and supplies
    • Obstetrical vacuum delivery systems & accessories
    • Laminaria insertion
    • Foetal Monitors & accessories
    • Cord clamps
    • Cord clamp clippers
    • Circumcision device
    • Perineal heaters
    • Foetal blood samplers or collecting kits
    • Amniocentesis hooks
    • Amniocentesis kits & accessories
    • Sanitary pads
    • Pinard horn
    • Delivery forceps
    • CTG monitoring
    • Breast binders
    • Breast pumps & accessories
    • Breast shields

Products not used within DHB Hospital services (ie are used in private clinics) are considered out of scope. This includes any fertility products NOT used in a DHB Hospital.

List of contracted products

Suppliers under PHARMAC national contract


The contracts above are as a result of the RFP released in October 2018.

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