Strategic management of the CPB to support Pharmac’s vision

The Combined Pharmaceutical Budget (CPB) is managed by Pharmac and is used to pay for medicines, medical devices, vaccines, and other health products used by millions of New Zealanders every year.

Geraldine is a white woman of middle years. She has long reddish-blonde hair and a warm smile..

Strategic management of the CPB is one of the key strategic priority areas that Pharmac has identified as being critical to achieving its goal of improved health outcomes and health equity.

“Fundamentally, what we’re trying to achieve is a more deliberate way of directing our investment funds,” says Geraldine MacGibbon, Director, Pharmaceuticals. “This comes from wanting to achieve better health outcomes for all New Zealanders and recognizing that there has been historical and current-day inequities between population groups – and those must be meaningfully addressed to achieve better outcomes for all.”

“Strategic management of the CPB also includes thinking about where and how people are accessing funded medicines, vaccines, and medical devices – including through general practice, pharmacies, hospitals, and all other places where people receive health care – and making sure any barriers to accessing funded treatments are minimized.”

“Under the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, we have a duty to make sure that the health needs of Māori are being met. We believe that placing a greater strategic focus on our obligations under Te Tiriti, including through implementation of Pharmac’s Te Tiriti policy, will lift equity for many New Zealanders who are not currently experiencing equitable health outcomes.”

This year we have: