OIA response

Ibrutinib funding requests

24 February 2020 

[name and contact details redacted]

Dear [name redacted] 

Thank you for phoning PHARMAC on Monday 10 February 2020 to enquire about PHARMAC’s Named Patient Pharmaceutical Assessment (NPPA) and funding for ibrutinib through the NPPA process.

The Pharmaceutical Schedule lists those prescription medicines and therapeutic products that are subsidised by the government. Sometimes a prescriber will want to use a treatment that isn’t listed on the Pharmaceutical Schedule, or its listing on the Schedule doesn’t meet the patient’s clinical circumstances.  In these cases, a prescriber can lodge an application for funding of an unlisted treatment for an individual patient, through the NPPA process.

NPPA applications must meet the three core principles of the NPPA policy.  These are described on PHARMAC’s website:


If PHARMAC considers these core principles have been met, the funding application will then be assessed against our Factors for Consideration.  The final decision on funding will then be made.  More information about these factors is available on PHARMAC’s website:


You asked if funding has been approved for ibrutinib for any individual, through the NPPA pathway. I can advise you that no funding applications have been approved for ibrutinib under this process.  If you want to be considered for individualised funding, you need to discuss your circumstances with your prescribing doctor, as all NPPA applications need to be lodged by the prescribing doctor. 

We trust this information addresses your query regarding the NPPA process for ibrutinib.  We are making our information more freely available, so we will now publish selected OIA responses (excluding personal details) on our website.  Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about this. 

Yours sincerely 

Rachel Read
Policy Manager, Engagement and Implementation