Update on proposal for bulk fluids listings for DHB Hospitals

Update Medicines

PHARMAC would like to advise all interested parties that there will be a delay in decision-making on our bulk fluids proposal.

Our proposed outcome was developed following a national procurement activity (RFT) for intravenous fluid bags and a range of irrigation solutions, collectively referred to as bulk fluids. The proposal was the subject of a consultation letter dated 25 October 2017.

Consultation on this proposal has now closed and we received a large number of detailed responses. The responses covered a range of topics, particularly around product suitability, sustainability and some of the products proposed for delisting.

We have determined that we need more time to:

  • carefully consider the responses;
  • decide if we need further advice from our Clinical Advisory Group; and
  • engage more with affected DHB Hospitals.

As a result, the changes proposed from 1 February 2018 will not occur on that date.  PHARMAC expects a decision to be made on the proposal, and subsequently notified, early in 2018.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback.

If you have any questions about this notification, please email Andrew Park, Senior Therapeutic Group Manager at andrew.park@pharmac.govt.nz.