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PHARMAC is asking New Zealanders to help it make some changes to how medicine and medical device funding applications are made.

“We want to make sure that we’re continuing to make the best decisions for New Zealanders, and to do that we need your feedback,” says Chief Executive Steffan Crausaz.

PHARMAC is asking people to respond to a consultation on some changes it’s proposing to its applications process. It’s proposing these changes in order to meet New Zealand’s obligations under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and to make some other improvements.

“These administrative changes would not change the heart of the PHARMAC model and would only take effect when the TPP comes into effect for New Zealand,” says Steffan Crausaz.

PHARMAC is proposing a timeframe for considering certain funding applications, and establishing a review process for those it declines. These changes would only apply to supplier applications for new medicines.

To support these changes, PHARMAC is also suggesting some other changes that would make it easier for people to submit an application and to know more about PHARMAC’s assessment.  It would also apply to future applications for medical devices.

“Feedback from a wide range of people is a really important part of our decision-making process. Before we make any changes to our application process, we want to make sure that we first consider what people think about those changes”.

“We’re visiting a number of communities across New Zealand to talk about our work and to also get feedback on these proposed changes to our funding application process.”

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We welcome feedback to our consultation document by 28 October 2016.