Agenda items for July 2024 Cancer Treatments Advisory Committee meeting

Meeting agenda Medicines

We are sharing the following information about what the Cancer Treatments Advisory Committee will be considering at its upcoming meeting in July.

Matters arising and correspondence

Olaparib and niraparib for ovarian cancer

The Committee will discuss feedback we received from a consumer group in response to the funding process for niraparib. The group asked us to consider whether access could be widened to another group that has a rare type of this condition.

Related funding decision: niraparib funded for ovarian cancer from 1 May 2024

Atezolizumab for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

The Committee will discuss updated evidence on the benefits of atezolizumab in the treatment of NSCLC. This relates to an application they considered in 2023 for people receiving treatment after surgery (adjuvant) but wanted more information about before making a funding recommendation.

Record of 2023 meeting [PDF, 991 KB]

Application for atezolizumab for adjuvant NSCLC, PD-L1+(external link)

Related funding decision: atezolizumab funded for advanced NSCLC as second or later line treatment from 1 April 2023


Combination therapy of pomalidomide and daratumumab for multiple myeloma (blood cancer)

The Committee will advise us on the use of pomalidomide in combination with daratumumab in treatment of multiple myeloma.

Related funding process: proposal to fund pomalidomide for multiple myeloma from 1 August 2024

Pembrolizumab for bile duct cancer

The Committee will provide initial advice on the use of pembrolizumab for people with biliary tract cancer.

Application for pembrolizumab for bile duct cancer(external link)

Ruxolitinib for a condition that occurs after a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant

The Committee will provide initial advice on the use of ruxolitinib for people with chronic graft versus host disease (GvHD) following allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT), who have received prior treatment with corticosteroids.

Application for ruxolitinib for GvHD following HSCT(external link)

Dostarlimab for endometrial cancer

The Committee will provide initial advice on the use of dostarlimab for advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer.

Application for dostarlimab for endometrial cancer(external link)