Request for proposals - PHARMAC External Tender System

PHARMAC is interested in considering proposals for an IT solution able to record and manage tender bids and relevant tender bid information received during PHARMAC’s tender process (“Solution”). The Solution also needs to allow data exports to PHARMAC’s internal tender system to enable PHARMAC to analyse tender bids.

The Solution needs to satisfy PHARMAC business requirements, with a focus on security and usability of the Solution by external submitters to the tender (domestic and international), as well as meeting the pre-conditions stated in Section 3.2 of this RFP.

It is PHARMAC’s intent that the solution will be hosted by a third party. The Solution must be fully tested and operational by 30 September 2016. Responses must be received by 29 Feb 2016 5pm NZT.

Please see the attached RFP, high level business requirements, sample contract, and response template.