Mid-month listing for potassium chloride tab and sodium bicarbonate cap

Medicines Decision

Two pharmaceuticals currently have supply issues that have resulted in new listings to the Pharm2aceutical Schedule out of the usual change cycle.

The following will be listed fully subsidised in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 22 November 2016:

Chemical and presentation Brand Pack size Pharmacode Subsidy and price (ex-man, excl. GST)
Potassium chloride tab long-acting 600 mg (8 mmol) Duro-K 100 2513420 $3.71
Sodium bicarbonate cap 840 mg Sodibic 100 2513447 $8.52


  • Due to the recall of Span-K, the Duro-K brand of potassium chloride tab long-acting 600 mg (8mmol) will be listed from 22 November 2016.
  • This is being supplied under Section 29 of the Medicines Act 1981 and the Wastage Rule will apply.
  • Sole Supply Status for Span-K has been suspended until further notice. 
  • Contact your wholesaler for stock. 


  • The new Pharmacode for Sodibic will be listed in the Schedule from 22 November 2016, although the stock will not be available immediately. 
  • We are listing the new Pharmacode for Sodibic at the same time as Duro-K to avoid another mid-month change. 
  • We will send you an update once the new stock has arrived and the new Pharmacode can be used.

Please note that Ministry of Health Sector Operations Group will be unable to process claims for November dispensing of the above listings. Pharmacies will need to defer these claims and re-submit in the first claim period in December.

We have included instructions below on how to amend your pharmacy software systems.

We appreciate that this may cause some disruption and we apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact PHARMAC on 0800 66 00 50, enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz or Healthcare Logistics on 09 969 0734.


Either: Click on Toniq main menu message:
"22/11 ** URGENT Pharmacy Recall SPAN K **"
OR download and update special medicine update
From the Main Menu of Dispensary:
Administration, Updates and downloads, Download/check medicine files
F4 Check Internet.
Tick Medicine Update NOV 2016 SPAN K
F7 Download, and when the download has finished F12 Accept Details
3. Update Medicines.

RxOne Users

These two listings will be automatically updated by RxOne. If for some unforeseen circumstance it does not happen, then please refer to our e-Noticeboard on the RxOne for instructions.