Decision to approve changes to somatropin Special Authority

Medicines Decision

PHARMAC is pleased to announce the approval of changes to the Special Authority criteria and Hospital Medicine List (HML) restriction for somatropin.

These changes have been made in response to consultation feedback. Expert clinical input has been sought to determine the Special Authority criteria and HML restriction for somatropin to better reflect current practise. Please see the following link for the revised Special Authority criteria (please see pages 22 to 25) [PDF, 741 KB].


In March 2014 PHARMAC consulted on proposed changes to the restrictions applying to somatropin. The 21 March 2014 consultation letter can be found on PHARMAC's website.

Following feedback on the proposed changes to somatropin, clinical experts responded that the somatropin Special Authority criteria and HML restrictions determined in the Consultation issued on 21 March 2014 required review to better reflect current clinical practise. This review was undertaken by members of the New Zealand Growth Hormone Committee and paediatric endocrinologists from within New Zealand. Accordingly a number of small, appropriate changes were made to the criteria and approved.

More information

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