Sacubitril with valsartan (Entresto) – Special Authority change

From 1 March 2024, access to sacubitril with valsartan (brand: Entresto) tablets changed, the renewal requirement was removed.

Change to Special Authority 

From 1 March 2024, people with valid approvals for sacubitril with valsartan (Entresto) will not need any further renewal for the Special Authority, unless notified. 

Pharmac's full decision to remove the renewal requirement

New Special Authority Number

To support this, sacubitril with valsartan (Entresto) now has a new Special Authority number. 

The new number is SA2302. This replaces the previous special authority number (SA1905).  

New Special Authority sacubitril with valsartan (Entresto) [PDF](external link)

Pharmacists: What you need to know

Everyone who had an active Special Authority number for Estresto (SA1905) has automatically been issued a new life-time Special Authority number for Entresto under SA2303. 

The old number SA1905 will also remain in the system until 31 May 2024, when it will be deleted. This means people will have two concurrent Special Authority numbers between 1 March and 31 May 2024. 

All claims should be made using the new number under SA2302.

Do not use the old SA number for claiming purposes.

Prescribers: No action required

  • All individuals with an active Special Authority for sacubitril with valsartan (Entresto) on 1 March 2024 were automatically issued with a new number that will not expire or need renewing. 
  • New initiations will need to be applied for using Special Authortity SA2302 [PDF](external link).
  • If someone’s previous Special Authority for Entresto has expired and they were not automatically issued a new Special Authority number, please submit a new SA request using SA2302. There is no longer a renewal Special Authority form for sacubitril with valsartan (Entresto).

Who to contact

If you have questions about this decision, email