Engagement Strategy: Principles

Health Sector Principles

The Pae Ora Act health sector principles sit at the core of everything we do, including engagement.

Specifically, we must:

  • prioritise equitable outcomes for Māori, Pacific peoples, disabled people, and other priority groups and 
  • engage with Māori and priority groups when planning and delivering services. 

We also need to take a population health-based approach and collaborate with other agencies to address wider determinants of health.

Engagement Principles

Our Te Pātaka Whaioranga values are the compass for all engagement mahi, they ground our behaviour and guide our thinking. Descriptions of how the principles apply specifically to engaging with partners and stakeholders are detailed below.

Whakarongo | Listen

We are approachable and engage in a timely and collaborative manner, striving for early and meaningful two-way engagement at an appropriate level for the relationship.

Tūhono | Connect

We foster mana-enhancing relationships with respect and care. We demonstrate flexibility, empathy, and understanding.

Wānanga | Learn together

We display integrity and think broadly. We consistently behave with honesty and courtesy, and show a willingness to learn and be challenged.

Māia | Be courageous

We are open and constructive, by communicating with transparency and standing up when we see opportunities to do better.

Kaitiakitanga | Preserve, protect, and shelter our future

We are accountable, operating within statutory frameworks we explore how we can   safeguard wellbeing for New Zealanders, now and for the future.