Engagement Strategy: Levels of Engagement

We determine the level of engagement based on the Spectrum of Engagement guide so we can plan an effective and transparent engagement process.

The level of engagement may change throughout an engagement process and there can be differing levels of engagement for various partners or stakeholder groups.

Several factors need to be considered when determining the appropriate level of engagement such as statutory obligations and expectations, partner or stakeholder interest/impact, the purpose and objectives of the engagement, and other internal or external factors. The spectrum is intended to be a guide only and methodology may be changed to meet the needs of the population group we are engaging with.

Spectrum of Engagement


We support our partners and stakeholders to develop the solutions and help with implementation.


We work alongside partners and stakeholders to understand the issue, develop solutions, and make a shared decision.


We will work with partners and stakeholders to understand the issue and develop solutions, but we and our partners or stakeholders keep respective decision-making abilities. 


We will seek feedback from partners and stakeholders and, once a decision is made, we will communicate how their feedback was considered.


We will keep stakeholders and partners informed of what is happening. This is generally one-way communication with limited opportunity to provide feedback.

Note: The Spectrum is based on the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Spectrum of Engagement and aligns with Te Arawhiti’s Crown engagement with Māori framework.