The online Pharmaceutical Schedule gets a refresh

Media release

Pharmac’s online Pharmaceutical Schedule has had a refresh with new features to improve the user experience. The Schedule lists all medicines and devices funded in Aotearoa to support the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. The changes focus on making the platform more accessible and mobile-friendly. 

“Every day clinicians are prescribing medicines and other products that three out of four people in Aotearoa take to help them with their lives,” says Pharmac’s Director of Operations Lisa Williams. “The refresh of the online community schedule(external link) and Hospital Medicines List(external link) reflects feedback from people using the platforms daily, in particular, pharmacists, doctors, nurse practitioners, and dietitians. We will continue to work with the sector to ensure future updates meet their needs and increase efficiency in day-to-day tasks.”

The new features going live today include:

  • increased mobile device accessibility on mobile phones or tablets
  • clickable pharmacodes that copy to your clipboard, ready to paste anywhere you need
  • simplified navigation from medicine listings to therapeutic groups
  • warning notifications if the page is showing the next month’s schedule updates, instead of the current.

The Schedule moved to an online-only version in 2021 which is easier to update and maintain and is searchable. Since this time various surveys have been completed to find out what people using the Schedule think of the platform. This, alongside looking at website usage data has informed the new changes.

If you’re a user of the platform and have more ideas or questions, please email us at

For anyone new to the Pharmaceutical Schedule, the link can be found in the top toolbar on the Pharmac website or via a quick search on Google. Visit the Pharmac website to find out more about the Schedule and for supporting resources.