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The Schedule and HML list the medicines and related products that Pharmac funds.

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Searching the Schedule

You can search on:

  • chemical name, e.g. paracetamol
  • funded brand name, e.g. CareSens 
    • Note: unfunded brand names won't work
  • Pharmacode
  • therapeutic group (or part of a therapeutic group name), e.g. analgesic
  • Special Authority form number, e.g. SA1234  

In addition to the title, you can tell the difference between the Schedule and the HML by the colour of the search box. The search box is blue for the Community Schedule and green for the HML.

A blue search box. .

Navigating therapeutic groups

Double ChevronIf you want to see what other medicines are in a group, you can click the therapeutic group title to go up one level. Or you can hover on the chevron to see each therapeutic group.

Screenshot of the paracetamol listing. There's a red box around the therapeutic group link, the double chevron comes after the link..
Paracetamol listing. The "links" button has been activated and the menu dropped down. There are also icons next to the "paracetamol" title that match the drop down.  .

Links to more information

You can hover over or click "links" to get a list of links to:

  • PDF Schedule
  • Medsafe datasheet
  • NZ Formulary 
  • Hospital Schedule (or Community Schedule as relevant)  

Clicking the link will take you to a search for the medicine you were looking up. E.g. if you were looking at paracetamol in the Schedule, you'll be taken to the search results for paracetamol in the Formulary. 

The icons next to chemical name link to the same place.

Key to symbols

If you click or tap the "key" button, an overlay will coming up to explain each of the symbols used in the Schedule. 

Who to contact

If you have questions that aren't answered by this page, email

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