Specialist advisory committees

Last updated 

7 April 2022 Analgesic Advisory Committee membership updated.

29 April 2022 Membership updated for dermatology and rare disorders specialist advisory committees

About specialist advisory committees

Pharmac’s specialist advisory committees provide Pharmac with specialist knowledge and expertise within specific clinical areas, such as diabetes, cancer, and mental health.  They meet as needed to discuss issues within their clinical areas. 

In November 2021, we introduced separate terms of reference for the specialist advisory committees to make clear that these committees have different, but complementary, roles, expertise and perspectives to PTAC.

PTAC and Specialist Advisory Committees may make recommendations to Pharmac that differ from each other when looking at the same evidence. Pharmac considers the recommendations provided by all our clinical advisory committees when assessing applications.

Note: before November 2021, specialist advisory committees were called Subcommittees.