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Check out the videos, diagrams and reference guides to get the most out of the online Schedule.

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Basic functions of the Online Schedule

This diagram explains the main functions of all listings in the Online Pharmaceutical Schedule and Hospital Medicines (Online HML). The Schedule and HML are clearly labelled. The Community Schedule has a blue search box and the HML a green search box.

Explains buttons on the Schedule..

Introducing the Online Schedule

This video shows you how to find the Schedule, downloadable PDFs, and previous Schedules. It also shows you where to subscribe to emails for Schedule updates.

Searching and navigating the Schedule

This video shows you how to search and navigate the Community Schedule and HML.

Community Schedule listings

This diagram explains the main features of listings in the Community Schedule (Section B to I).

explains all the different parts of a schedule listing.

Hospital Medicines Listings (HML)

The Hospital Medicines (HML) has medicines that may be given in a public hospital, as well as those hospital medical devices that are subject to national contracts. 

This diagram explains the main features of Hospital Medicines (HML) results.

Explains the HML listings.

Hospital Medicine Listings (HML) explained

This video explains medicine listings in the online Hospital Medicines List (HML) and shows you some tips and tricks.

Note: The Schedule Help videos were recorded in March 2021. Examples shown in the videos may not reflect what is in the current Schedule.