Medical journal articles

This page lists articles and letters prepared or contributed to by Pharmac for publication in peer-reviewed journals, including research co-funded by Pharmac.


Joint HRC/Pharmac research project ‘Pragmatic randomised controlled trial on the Impact of removing prescription co-payments on the use of costly health services’

Impact of removing prescription co-payments on the use of costly health services: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial.(external link) Norris P, Cousins K, Horsburgh S, Keown S, Churchward M, Samaranayaka A, Smith A, Marra C. BMC Health Serv Res, 2023 Jan 14;23(1):31.

Joint HRC/Pharmac research project ‘Role of pharmacists in medicine access and adherence’

Designing for health equity: A mixed method study exploring community experiences and perceptions of pharmacists' role in minor ailment care.(external link) Hikaka J, Haua R, Parore N, McIntosh B, Anderson A, Pewhairangi K, Brown R. Res Social Adm Pharm, 2023 Apr;19(4):643-652.


Effectiveness of a preschool asthma education programme, compared to usual care, on the frequency of acute asthma events: a community-based cluster randomised trial.(external link) Walker N, von Blaramberg T, Mackay J, McNaughton W, Strickland J, Van Mil J, Moorcroft J, Funnell C, Smith L, Bettle E, Power K, Parore M, Parag V, Bullen C, Metcalfe S. New Zealand Medical Journal, 2022. 

Māori, pharmacists, and medicines adherence - A mixed methods study exploring indigenous experiences of taking medicines 'as prescribed' and mechanisms of support.(external link) Hikaka J, Parore N, Haua R, Anderson A, Hudson M, McIntosh B, Pewhairangi K, Brown R. Explor Res Clin Soc Pharm, 2022 Aug 28;7:100175

Establishing research tikanga to manaaki research participants in a pandemic.(external link) Hikaka J, Anderson A, Parore N, Haua R, Hudson M, McIntosh B, Pewhairangi K, Rachel Brown R. N Z Med J., 2022 Feb 25;135(1550):167-169.

Establishing research tikanga to manaaki research participants in a pandemic (NZMJ website)(external link)


Over and under? Ethnic inequities in community antibacterial prescribing. Metcalfe S, Bhawan S, Vallabh M, Murray P, Proffitt C, Williams G. New Zealand Medical Journal, 2019(external link)

Using a randomised controlled trial to test the effectiveness of social norms feedback to reduce antibiotic prescribing without increasing inequities. Chappell N, Gerard C, Gyani A, Hamblin R, McKree R, Lawrence A, Mackay J, et al. New Zealand Medical Journal, 2021.(external link)

Repeat prescribing safety survey. Lillis S, Macklin N, Thorn M, et al. J Prim Health Care, 2019.(external link)    

Joint HRC/Pharmac research project ‘A decision aid to incorporate patient preferences into biologic therapies’

What are the preferences of patients with rheumatoid arthritis for treatment modification? a scoping review. Chan SJ, Yeo HY, Stamp LK, Treharne GJ, Marra CA. Patient, 2021.(external link)

Tapering biologic therapy for rheumatoid arthritis: a qualitative study of patient perspectives. Chan SJ, Stamp LK, Liebergreen N, Ndukwe H, Marra C, Treharne GJ. Patient, 2020.(external link)

Tapering biologic therapy for people with rheumatoid arthritis in remission: a review of patient perspectives and associated clinical evidence. Stamp LK, Chan SJ, Marra C, Helme C, Treharne GJ. Musculoskeletal Care, 2019.(external link)

Joint HRC/Pharmac research project ‘Improving metformin adherence and persistence in people with type 2 diabetes’

Patterns of metformin monotherapy discontinuation and reinitiation in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus in New Zealand. Horsburgh S, Sharples K, Barson D, Zeng J, Parkin L. PLoS One, 2021.(external link)

What helps and hinders metformin adherence and persistence? A qualitative study exploring the views of people with type 2 diabetes. Parkin L, Maclennan K, Te Morenga L, Inder M, Moata'ane L. N Z Med J, 2021.(external link)

Adherence to metformin monotherapy in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus in New Zealand. Horsburgh S, Barson D, Zeng J, Sharples K, Parkin L. Diabetes Res Clin Pract, 2019.(external link)

Joint HRC/Pharmac research project ‘Improving acceptance of generic medicines’

The mode of delivery and content of communication strategies used in mandatory and non-mandatory biosimilar transitions: a systematic review with meta-analysis. Gasteiger C, den Broeder AA, Stewart S, Gasteiger N, Scholz U, Dalbeth N, Petrie KJ. Health Psychol Rev, 2021. (external link)

Is three a crowd? the influence of companions on a patient's decision to transition to a biosimilar. Gasteiger C, Groom KM, Lobo M, Scholz U, Dalbeth N, Petrie KJ. Ann Behav Med, 2021.(external link) 

Changing understanding, perceptions, pain relief of and preference for generic medicines with patient education: an experimental intervention study. Kleinstäuber M, Colgan S, Petrie KJ. Res Social Adm Pharm, 2021.(external link)

Increasing and dampening the nocebo response following medicine-taking: a randomised controlled trial. MacKrill K, Morrison Z, Petrie KJ. J Psychosom Res, 2021.(external link)

Patients' beliefs and behaviours are associated with perceptions of safety and concerns in a hypothetical biosimilar switch. Gasteiger C, Lobo M, Dalbeth N, Petrie KJ. Rheumatol Int, 2021.(external link)

The effect of television and print news stories on nocebo responding following a generic medication switch. MacKrill K, Gamble G, Petrie KJ. Clinical Psychology Europe, 2020.(external link)

Effects of message framing on patients' perceptions and willingness to change to a biosimilar in a hypothetical drug switch. Gasteiger C, Jones ASK, Kleinstäuber M, Lobo M, Horne R, Dalbeth N, Petrie KJ. Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken), 2020.(external link)

  • The effect of rebranding generic medicines on drug efficacy and side effects. MacKrill K, Kleinstäuber M, Petrie KJ. Psychol Health, 2019.

Evidence of a media induced nocebo response following a nation-wide antidepressant drug switch. MacKrill K, Gamble G, Bean D, Cundy T, Petrie KJ. Clinical Psychology Europe, 2019.(external link)