Temporary listing of 30 tab pack of Zopiclone Actavis (zopiclone) tab 7.5 mg

Update Medicines

We have temporarily listed the 30 tablet pack size of Zopiclone Actavis 7.5 mg tablets, effective immediately (21 January 2016).

We are aware some pharmacies are out of stock of the 500 tablet pack which is expected to be available next week. This 30 tablet pack listing will ensure that pharmacies without stock will be able to provide continued supply to patients.  We understand that not all wholesalers are affected.  Wholesalers will distribute reduced numbers of 30 packs.

Zopiclone Actavis tab 7.5 mg new listing

  • From 21 January 2016 the 30 tablet pack of Zopiclone Actavis tab 7.5 mg will be listed fully subsidised as follows:

Chemical and presentation


Pack Size


Subsidy and price
(ex-man., ex. GST)

Zopiclone tab 7.5 mg

Zopiclone Actavis




  • Zopiclone is listed as a Safety medicine within the Pharmaceutical Schedule, and this rule will also apply to dispensing of this 30 tablet pack size. 
  • Please note that Ministry of Health Sector Operations Group will be unable to process claims for January dispensings of the above pack size. Pharmacies will need to defer these claims and re-submit in the first claim period in February.
  • Further supplies of the 500 tablet pack size are expected to be in the market next week.
  • We have included instructions below on how to amend your pharmacy software systems.


The change will happen automatically.

LOTS Users

From the LOTS Start Menu, got to Help and do a Download & Update Program Files.

Once this is finished got to Monthly Update, and select Update Drug File now.

This will add the new drug card into LOTS.