Te Pātaka Whaioranga funds new treatments for breast and blood cancer

Update Rērere Kōrero

Te Pātaka Whaioranga is funding two new cancer treatments, one for advanced breast cancer (ribociclib) and one for blood cancer (midostaurin). They will both be available from 1 July 2024.

Ribociclib and midostaurin can help slow down the progression of cancer, giving people more time to spend with their whānau.

Māori are disproportionality affected by breast cancer. We have forecasted that by 2026, 184 Māori and Pacific People will benefit from ribociclib. Māori also have an increased risk of Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) which is a form of blood cancer. We expect that approximately 20 people each year will benefit from treatment with midostaurin.

Te Pātaka Whaioranga is also removing the funding renewal requirement for a treatment for heart failure. It is used by around 15,000 New Zealanders, over a quarter who are Māori. This change will allow people to remain on treatment for as long as they need it without having to make further applications.

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