PHARMAC supports new Pacific pharmacists’ group

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PHARMAC is supporting New Zealand’s first Pacific pharmacists' group to establish itself as a formal entity.

PHARMAC’s support for the Pacific pharmacists’ group emerged from the development of PHARMAC’s Pacific Responsive Strategy, which was refreshed from April 2017. The aim of the Strategy is to improve the health of Pacific peoples, by improving access to, and the use of, medicines.

PHARMAC Acting Director of Engagement and Implementation, Angela Mansell, says support for the Pacific pharmacists’ group’s next stage of development aligns with the Pacific Responsiveness Strategy, and PHARMAC’s role in making a positive change for the health of Pacific peoples.

“Pacific pharmacists are working with their communities every day to help them get the most out of their medicines. We want to support Pacific pharmacists to do this so Pacific peoples better understand the medicines they take and how to use them in the best way,” says Dr Mansell.

The Pacific pharmacists’ group began as a Facebook page(external link) set up by Wellington pharmacist Kasey Brown, to help and support pharmacists, technicians and assistants around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The group has grown and PHARMAC is proud to be helping the group to establish itself more formally.

“Pacific pharmacists have an important and unique role to play in improving the health of Pacific people in New Zealand. We’re at the front line and have a great level of trust from the community to make a real difference,” says Ms Brown.

“The Pacific pharmacists’ group is an important part in supporting Pacific pharmacists to continue to provide the best service, improve the relationships with the community and find other ways of influencing the health of Pacific peoples.”

With assistance from PHARMAC, the Pacific pharmacists’ group held its inaugural meeting, and in 2018 will formalise its structure and membership to begin providing active support for Pacific pharmacists around New Zealand.