Growing the Hospital Medical Devices programme

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Last year, Te Pātaka Whaioranga established a new Medical Devices Directorate to lead our work on the management of hospital medical devices.

It’s an important step as we start to scale up our activity to deliver additional value for Te Whatu Ora.

The hospital medical device programme aims to drive better value and equitable access to hospital medical devices.

The programme covers medical devices and related products that Te Whatu Ora use in its hospitals and specialist services. This includes a vast range of products from tongue depressors and bandages to implantable devices (such as pacemakers), diagnostic software, and robotic surgery machines, through to rehabilitation equipment and continence support products.

We have built strong foundations for medical device procurement and contracting since commencing this responsibility in 2012. National contracts are now established for almost 70% of medical devices currently being used by Te Whatu Ora. 

As part of our programme, we are designing a national assessment and evaluation process for investment in new device technologies. While this will be based on Pharmac’s approach for medicines, we know there are important differences in devices that we need to take into account.

We want to ensure we are intentionally honouring te Tiriti and addressing equity in our design and delivery. To achieve this, we want to undertake engagement that meets the needs and aspirations of Māori. Getting a broad range of input will help us understand different perspectives and priorities as we progress towards fairer access to devices.

If you are interested in being involved or would like to know more about the devices programme, please email

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