2016/17 PHARMAC annual medicines tender open

Media release

The 2016/17 annual tender has been released and PHARMAC is inviting suppliers to submit bids on over 500 products by 15 December 2016.

The annual tender creates significant savings which helps PHARMAC fund more medicines for more people, says PHARMAC Director of Operations, Sarah Fitt.

“The annual tender has generated nearly $700 million in savings since it began, which allows PHARMAC to cope with the growth in demand for existing medicines, fund new medicines and widen access to others,” says Ms Fitt.

Most of the products included in the tender will be dispensed by pharmacies.

“Pharmacy staff play an important role in the ongoing success of the tender by talking patients through any changes to their medicines,” says Ms Fitt.

“After receiving feedback from pharmacy, we are requesting suppliers place bids for pack sizes that make the most sense for pharmacy, like 30 or 90 day packs. For some medicines, like paracetamol, we’re asking for blister packs as well as bulk packs for pharmacies that use robotic packing machines.”

“PHARMAC also received feedback from suppliers who told us how the tendering process could be made easier, so this year we are using an electronic tendering system that we have developed with an independent vendor, InTend.

“Our Tender Medical Evaluation Subcommittee, made up of 11 clinicians including seven hospital and community pharmacists, will review all the tender samples to make sure the products we choose to fund are appropriate for patients.

“Their in-depth review of the products covers everything from making sure tablets are easy to cut along score lines to taste testing antibiotic mixtures for children. This is valuable feedback that helps PHARMAC make the best decisions and ensures the ongoing success of the tender.”

The tender is open until 15 December 2016. Bids will be evaluated by PHARMAC and the Tender Medical Subcommittee, and outcomes will begin being notified in February 2017.

Suppliers can view the 2016/17 invitation to tender on the PHARMAC website.