New Zealand’s COVID-19 treatments portfolio

Pharmac is securing treatments for people with an active COVID-19 infection or at high risk of infection.

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21 December 2022: Evusheld access criteria updated. 

Pharmac is making sure New Zealanders can access medicines to treat and prevent COVID-19. Supplies are limited and distributed through a specific COVID-19 national model.

COVID-19 treatments are funded from a dedicated budget allocated by the Government, which means that COVID-19 treatment costs do not come from the annual budget for New Zealand’s medicines (the Combined Pharmaceutical Budget).

To date we've secured access to the following medicines.

Currently available

Supply on hold

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We've had to do things differently to make sure New Zealanders could get access to these medicines. 

Our approach to funding COVID-19 treatments

We have released a large number of documents relating to COVID-19 medicines. Search our Official Information Act (OIA) responses for "covid"

Official Information Act responses

Treating and managing COVID-19

The Ministry of Health provides clinical advice for health professionals on COVID-19 treatments

Clinical management of COVID-19 in hospitalised adults - Ministry of Health(external link)

For advice on managing yourself and your whānau in the community, see Covid in the Community on the Health Navigator website(external link)

Who to contact

If you have questions about COVID-19 medicines, email