RFP - Supply of nicotine replacement therapy

Medicines RFP Closed

1 November 2013: The response period has been extended. Read the amended timeline and additional information to learn why.

4 November 2013: We've corrected the market information.

PHARMAC invites proposals for the supply of nicotine replacement therapy (including, but not limited to, nicotine gum, lozenges and patches) in New Zealand.

This request for proposals (RFP) letter incorporates the following schedules:

  • Schedule 1 specifies the pharmaceutical(s) for which PHARMAC is requesting proposals and sets out the background to the RFP and the types of proposals sought;
  • Schedule 2 describes the process that PHARMAC expects to follow in relation to the RFP;
  • Schedule 3 sets out information about the estimated size of the current subsidised market for the pharmaceutical(s); and
  • Schedule 4 contains the RFP form in which you are to provide details of your proposal.

If you wish to submit a proposal, you must submit it to PHARMAC no later than 5.00 pm on 22 November 2013.

If you have any questions about this RFP, please contact Geraldine MacGibbon at PHARMAC on (04) 916 7514 or geraldine.macgibbon@pharmac.govt.nz.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Extract from Amended timeline and additional information for nicotine replacement therapy RFP

PHARMAC is currently involved in work which may enable community pharmacists to independently dispense some subsidised pharmaceuticals to patients. The exact outcomes and timing of this work are not yet decided, however NRT products are being considered for funding through this mechanism, in addition to being funded through prescriptions, Quitline exchange cards and Authorised Providers. Should access to subsidised NRT be amended in this way, there may be increased growth in the subsidised NRT market, and also a decrease in the private market for NRT.

We are aware that this new information may affect your proposals under this RFP, and accordingly we are providing an extension to the RFP submission deadline: proposals may now be submitted up until 5:00 pm on 22 November 2013. It is not expected that this change will significantly affect any of the timelines outlined in the RFP document.

Please note that we are willing to consider proposals that involve prices that vary based on whether or not community pharmacists become authorised to independently dispense funded NRT during the contract period.

Extract from Nicotine RFP: correction of market information for nicotine supplied to Authorised Providers

This letter is to correct the market information for nicotine supplied to Authorised Providers in the year ending 30 June 2013. The information in the RFP document inadvertently included the number of packs supplied to Authorised Providers, rather than the number of units. The corrected approximate number of units (pieces of gum and individual lozenges and patches) of nicotine supplied to Authorised Providers for the year ending 30 June 2013 is shown below:

Pharmaceutical/form/strength YE 30 June 2013
Nicotine gum 2 mg 1,682,000
Nicotine gum 4 mg 1,319,000
Nicotine lozenge 1 mg 2,258,000
Nicotine lozenge 2 mg 1,598,000
Nicotine patch 7 mg 165,000
Nicotine patch 14 mg 259,000
Nicotine patch 21 mg 267,000

We apologise for this error.