Medicines Decision

Following a notification of discontinuation by Dr Reddys of their brand of pramipexole, PHARMAC has entered into an agreement with Deva Holdings NZ Limited for the temporary listing of their brand of pramipexole, Ramipex, on the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 December 2013. We expect to make an announcement regarding the on-going supply shortly.

Details of the listing are as follows:

Chemical Formulation Brand Pack Size Proposed Price/Subsidy Pharmacode
Pramipexole hydrochloride Tab 0.25mg Ramipex 100 $7.20 TBC
Pramipexole hydrochloride Tab 1 mg Ramipex 100 $24.39 TBC

The Ramipex brand would be supplied under Section 29 of the Medicines Act 1981.

Stock may become available prior to 1 December in which case PHARMAC would consider listing Ramipex prior to 1 December 2013. In this case we would update the information contained in this notification.

More information

If you have any questions about this decision, you can call our toll free number (9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday) on 0800 66 00 50.