Notification of delay of decision on proposal to reinstate monthly dispensing on various pharmaceuticals (remove ‘stat’ dispensing)

Medicines Decision

PHARMAC would like to advise all interested parties that there will be a delay in the decision on a proposal to remove the ‘three months dispensed all-at-once’ (‘stat’) dispensing rule from various pharmaceuticals from 1 March 2015.

The proposal is the subject of a consultation letter dated 9 January 2015 which can be found on PHARMAC’s website.

Consultation on this proposal has now closed. Some significant issues were raised in consultation responses, and we require additional time to consider them before a decision can be made on the proposal.

This delay will mean that a decision will not be made in time for 1 March 2015 funding changes. We do not currently have a firm timeframe for a decision to be made on this proposal but a decision will likely be made, and subsequently notified, within the next two months.

If you have any questions about this notification, please contact Geraldine MacGibbon, Senior Therapeutic Group Manager/Team Leader, by email at