Electronic portal for bidding on PHARMAC’s annual tender

PHARMAC’s annual tender e-portal is now available for suppliers to trial.

Before the e-portal goes ‘live’, PHARMAC is providing suppliers with the opportunity to trial and practice with the e-portal and register their company in the system, if they have not already done so, before the release of the 2020/21 Invitation to Tender. The practice tender will remain open until midnight New Zealand time Sunday 18 October 2020.

During the trial period suppliers will be able to view, enter and submit bids on a practice tender to learn how the system works. The bids that you submit during this trial period will not be considered as actual bids. 

PHARMAC strongly encourages suppliers who are not familiar with the e-portal to register, trial the portal and become familiar with the changes to bidding so that you are ready to respond to the 2020/21 Invitation to Tender.

How to access the e-portal

You can access the e-portal here: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/pharmac(external link)(external link)

User guide

The user guide in the link above provides details on how to use the e-portal and trial the practice tender.

Changes to the portal from last year

Please note that in the Bidding tab under Product Group, the “DV Limit” column has been changed to “ABA Limit or DV Limit”. This is to provide indication of where ABA Limit may appear in the final 2020/21 Invitation to Tender should Principal Supply Status be implemented. 

2020/21 Invitation to Tender and future PHARMAC annual tenders

Following the trial period, the e-portal will go ‘live’ for bidding on the 2020/21 Invitation to Tender.  This will happen in early November.

Suppliers that intend to bid on the 2020/21 Invitation to Tender and that have not already done so will need to register their company to gain access to the e-portal.

Details of the draft 2020/21 Invitation to Tender, including the draft list of products to be tendered, can be viewed here.


If you have any questions regarding company registration or trialling the e-portal, please contact PHARMAC at: tender@pharmac.govt.nz.