Decisions relating to hospital medicines funding

Medicines Decision

PHARMAC is pleased to announce that a further decision has been made to establish a nationally-consistent list of medicines to be funded within DHB hospitals. This decision relates to a consultation letter dated 19 November 2012.

These decisions establish a further four (of sixteen) ‘therapeutic groups’ that will make up the list of medicines to be funded in DHB hospitals, which will be contained in Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule: Dermatologicals, the Genito-Urinary System, Hormone Preparations and the Nervous System.

Details of the decision

Following consultation, some changes were made to the proposal. Additional items to be listed in Section H are:

  • methohexital (methohexitone);
  • betamethasone sodium phosphate injection and tablets;
  • prilocaine with felypressin dental cartridges;
  • mepivacaine dental cartridges;
  • cocaine with adrenaline paste;
  • additional presentations of fentanyl (20 mcg per ml, 100 ml bag; 10 mg per ml, 10 ml syringe);
  • sucrose 25% oral liquid;
  • an additional presentation of ketamine (4 mg per ml, 50 ml syringe);
  • additional presentations of bupivacaine with fentanyl (bupivacaine 0.625 mg with fentanyl 2 mcg per ml, 100 ml bag; bupivacaine 1.25 mg with fentanyl 2 mcg per ml, 100 ml syringe)
  • a 15% strength of cocaine solution;
  • an additional presentation of morphine sulphate (1 mg per ml, 2 ml syringe); and
  • additional presentations of pethidine (10 mg per ml, 100 ml bag; 5 mg per ml, 10 ml syringe).

Other than these changes, the decision broadly reflects what was proposed in the consultation document.