Decision to fund pancreatic enzymes modified-release granules (Creon Micro)

Medicines Decision

We’re pleased to announce a decision to fund pancreatic enzymes modified-release granules (Creon Micro) from 1 June 2020 for the treatment of pancreatic enzyme insufficiency, through an agreement with Mylan New Zealand Limited.

Creon Micro is a granule formulation of pancreatic enzymes that can be measured with a scoop(external link)

This formulation allows for dosing with small amounts of enzymes, ie smaller doses than those contained in the funded capsules, that can be measured prior to mixing with food or fluids. We estimate that around 95 patients per year will benefit from treatment.

Any changes to the original proposal?

This decision was subject to a consultation letter dated 2 April 2020

No changes were made to the proposal following consultation feedback.

Who we think will be most interested

  • Children with cystic fibrosis, their guardians and whānau
  • Paediatricians, respiratory physicians, gastroenterologists, respiratory nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians and health professionals involved in the management of cystic fibrosis
  • Pharmaceutical suppliers

Detail about this decision

Pancreatic enzymes modified-release granules (Creon Micro) will be listed in Section B and Part II of Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 June 2020 at the following price and subsidy (ex-manufacturer, excluding GST):




Pack size

Price and subsidy

Pancreatic enzyme

Modified release granules pancreatin 60.12 mg (amylase 3,600 Ph Eur U, lipase 5,000 Ph Eur U, protease 200 Ph Eur U)

Creon Micro

20 g OP


There will be no funding restrictions for Creon Micro.

Our response to what you told us

We’re really grateful for the time people took to respond to this consultation. All responses received were supportive of the proposal.

There was a concern raised that dosing and administration aids may possibly be lost. We note that each bottle of Creon Micro contains a dosing scoop. If this is lost, guidance could be sought from the manufacturer (Mylan(external link)), or alternatively patients may need a new prescription for a new bottle of granules to obtain a new scoop.

If you have any questions about this decision, you can email us at; or call our toll free number (9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday) on 0800 660 050.