Decision to amend listing of olopatadine eye drops (Patanol)

Medicines Decision

PHARMAC is pleased to announce the approval of an agreement with Novartis New Zealand Limited for the supply of olopatadine (Patanol) 0.1% eye drops.

This was the subject of a consultation letter dated 21 April 2016. No changes were made to the proposal following consultation.  

In summary, the effect of the decision is that:

  • A price and subsidy reduction for olopatadine (Patanol) eye drops 0.1% from 1 July 2017 with subsequent price and subsidy changes from 1 July 2018.
  • Listing in Part II of Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 June 2016;
  • Subsidy and delisting protection from 1 June 2016 until 30 June 2019.

Details of the decision

From 1 June 2016, the price and subsidy of olopatadine 0.1% eye drops (Patanol) in Section B and Part II of Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule will be as follows (ex-manufacturer, exclusive of GST):

Chemical and presentation


Pack size

Price and subsidy from 1 June 2016

Price and subsidy from 1 July 2017

Price and subsidy from 1 July 2018

Olopatadine eye drops 0.1%


5 ml OP




  • A confidential rebate will apply to Patanol from 1 June 2016, which will reduce the net price of the treatment to the Funder.
  • The brand name of olopatadine 0.1% eye drops, Patanol, will be added to the Section H listing at the price set out above.
  • Patanol will have subsidy and delisting protection until 30 June 2019.

Feedback received

We appreciate all of the feedback that we received and acknowledge the time people took to respond. All consultation responses received by 6 May 2016 were considered in their entirety in making a decision on the proposed changes. Most responses were supportive of the proposal, and the following issues were raised in relation to specific aspects of the proposal:

Theme Comment
Support for the proposal.  Noted
A respondent requested we reconsider the proposal, and to place the product in an upcoming 2016/2017 Invitation to Tender. PHARMAC staff note the savings from this proposal are significant and immediate.This decision does not restrict PHARMAC from listing additional brands of olopatadine should a suitable commercial agreement be reached with another supplier.
A respondent queried the price decrease of the proposal and pricing support available from suppliers to wholesalers.  There will be no change to the list price of olopatadine until 1 July 2017, providing more than 12 months advance notice to the supply chain of any change.

More information

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