Listing of an additional strength of ruxolitinib (Jakavi)

Medicines Decision

We are pleased to announce the approval of an additional strength of ruxolitinib for listing on the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

What we’re doing

We're pleased to announce that from 1 December 2021 an additional strength of ruxolitinib, a 10 mg tablet (a 5 mg, 15 mg and 20 mg tablet is currently available), will be listed in the Community and the Hospital Medicines List of the Pharmaceutical Schedule for people with myelofibrosis.

In line with the recent Medsafe approval for this strength (ruxolitinib tab 10 mg) it will be made available for people that meet the current Special Authority criteria for ruxolitinib.

Who we think will be most interested

  • People with myelofibrosis and their whānau
  • Clinicians who care for patients with myelofibrosis, including:
    • haematologists
    • general practitioners.
  • Community and hospital pharmacies
  • DHBs

Details about this decision

Ruxolitinib (Jakavi) tab 10 mg will be listed in Section B and Part II of Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 December 2021 as follows:




Pack size

Price and subsidy


Tab 10 mg




There will be no changes to the funding of currently listed strengths of ruxolitinib, however the 10 mg strength could provide additional convenience for patients. Current Special Authority and hospital restrictions will continue to apply to ruxolitinib treatment.

About ruxolitinib

Ruxolitinib is a protein kinase inhibitor that affects your genes that help control the number of blood cells produced. Ruxolitinib is approved by Medsafe for the treatment of disease-related splenomegaly or symptoms in patients with primary myelofibrosis, post-polycythemia vera myelofibrosis or post-essential thrombocythemia myelofibrosis.

Ruxolitinib is an oral tablet that is currently available as a 5 mg, 15 mg and 20 mg tablet and is administered twice daily. The intent of treatment with ruxolitinib is to control symptoms and improve quality of life.

If you have any questions about using this new presentation of ruxolitinib, talk with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist. You can also get more information from us at or 0800 66 00 50.