August tender notification

PHARMAC has resolved to award tenders for Sole Subsidised Supply Status and Hospital Supply Status for some products included in the 2012/13 Invitation to Tender, dated 31 October 2012.

Some of the pharmaceuticals that will be delisted when the period of Sole Subsidised Supply commences may be subject to existing listing contracts with PHARMAC. Suppliers of pharmaceuticals that are subject to such contracts should continue to supply their pharmaceuticals under those contracts. PHARMAC will continue to subsidise those pharmaceuticals accordingly until such time as those pharmaceuticals are delisted.

Notification of Product Changes (NOPC) forms and Pharmacodes

Please note that for any changes (price change, pack size change, new listing etc) to be effective in the Pharmaceutical Schedule (including Section H), suppliers are required to notify any changes to PHARMAC and the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand by 4pm on the 12th of the month prior to the date of subsidy change. More information and NOPC forms can be found on our website.

Where a product does not have a current Pharmacode, suppliers are required to ensure that a Pharmacode has been obtained from the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand before the 12th of the month prior to the date of listing. PHARMAC cannot list a product (and pharmacies cannot claim) without the correct Pharmacode.