Approval of proposal relating to amiloride, perindopril and trandolapril

Medicines Decision

PHARMAC is pleased to announce the approval of a proposal to fund new brands of the potassium-sparing diuretic amiloride hydrochloride (Apo-Amiloride) and the ACE inhibitor perindopril (Apo-Perindopril) through an agreement with Apotex NZ Limited; to alter the subsidy arrangement for the existing funded brand of perindopril (Coversyl); and to clarify the subsidy arrangement for trandolapril (Gopten).

This proposal was the subject of a consultation letter dated 11 March 2013.

In summary, the effect of the decision is that:

  • Apo-Amiloride (amiloride hydrochloride 5 mg tablets) will be fully funded from 1 July 2013;
  • Apo-Perindopril (perindopril 2 mg and 4 mg tablets) will be fully funded from 1 May 2013;
  • the subsidies for Coversyl (perindopril 2 mg and 4 mg tablets) will be adjusted to match the Apo-Perindopril subsidies from 1 May 2013;
  • the higher subsidy for Coversyl by endorsement for patients with congestive heart failure who were taking perindopril prior to 1 June 1998 will be removed from 1 May 2013. This means that any patient currently receiving the higher subsidy by endorsement will need to switch to the Apo-Perindopril brand to remain on a fully subsidised product; and
  • the wording of the higher subsidy by endorsement for Gopten (trandolapril 1 mg and 2 mg capsules), which is also available for patients with congestive heart failure who were taking it prior to 1 June 1998, will be amended for clarity on 1 May 2013.