Amendment to the request for proposals – supply of various wound care products to DHB hospitals

Hospital devices RFP Closed

We would like to notify suppliers that PHARMAC is making an amendment to the RFP for the supply of various wound care products to DHB hospitals that was issued on 15 September 2015 (‘RFP’).

Subsequent to issuing the RFP, PHARMAC has identified that Defries’ brand of sterile IV Pressure Pad has been incorrectly identified as a foam adhesive dressing with adhesive border in the RFP document.

PHARMAC would like to clarify that it is not seeking proposals for sterile IV pressure pads (36 mm, round) under the product type heading ‘Foam adhesive dressings (with or without adhesive border)’. Instead, PHARMAC intends to seek proposals for sterile IV pressure pads under a new product type heading ‘IV Pressure Pads’ as outlined below.

The sterile IV pressure pad market is estimated to be approximately $360,000 per annum across all DHB hospitals. This also means that the estimated DHB hospital market size for foam adhesive dressings (with or without adhesive border) is $2.9 million per annum, not $3.3 million as outlined in the RFP document issued on 15 September 2015.

Please note that this is not a new RFP. This is an amendment to the RFP for various wound care products that was issued on 15 September 2015. Schedule 1 to 4 (as applicable) of the RFP document will apply to any proposals for IV pressure pads intended to be submitted to PHARMAC.

Types of proposals sought

PHARMAC is willing to consider the following types of proposals for listing IV pressure pads in Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule for use in DHB hospitals:

  • IV pressure pads (sterile): small adhesive dressing with absorbent haemostatic pad normally used following removal of IV, drawing blood or needle injections.
Types of proposals sought Product type

Single primary supplier with 20% DV limit;

Dual suppliers with 5% DV limit; and/or

Three suppliers with 1% DV limit.

IV pressure pads (sterile)

Product specifications

The key product specifications for IV pressure pads are set out below:

IV pressure pads (sterile)
  • Must be sterile
  • Must be absorbent
  • Must promote haemostasis
  • Must be able to exert a level of pressure to assist with haemostasis
  • Materials used and construction must be outlined Presence of latex or other allergens (eg rosin/colophony) must be specified
  • Provide details of adhesive properties (eg type of adhesive used – silicone/other) and provide information on efficacy/benefits (eg pain on removal, effect on wound bed, quality of adhesion).
  • Provide information on application, including information on recommended or maximum wear time.

Please note that the mandatory product, regulatory, supplier and evidence requirements as set out in Attachment One of the RFP [PDF, 83 KB] will still apply for IV pressure pads (sterile).

Market information

The estimated market size for this product in DHB hospitals over the period Q2 2014 – Q2 2015 is $360,000. This information has been sourced from DHB datasets provided to National Procurement Services. We note that in certain cases, there have been reports of either under or over-reporting of DHB purchases within these datasets.

The information above is approximate and indicative only. PHARMAC makes no representation as to the accuracy of this information or as to the level of sales or likely sales of IV pressure pads and, while PHARMAC has taken all reasonable care in preparing the information, it accepts no liability for any errors or omissions in the information. PHARMAC is not obliged to notify you in the event of any change to the figures below.

Submitting proposals

Proposals for IV pressure pads can be submitted by completing the attached proposal form titled ‘Addendum Proposal Form – IV pressure pads’ in excel format.

More information

If you have any questions about this notification, you can post your questions on GETS ( link)) after subscribing to the RFP(external link) or email Marcus Kim (