Olsalazine 250 mg capsule and 500 mg tablet (Dipentum): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

There is a long-term out of stock of the Dipentum brand olsalazine 250 mg capsules and 500 mg tablets. There is a temporary issue affecting the listed alternative, Atnah's Olsalazine 500 mg tablets (Pharmacode 2641704).

Update: 15 February 2024 

The alternative brand of olasalazine, Atnahs Olsalazine (Pharmacode is 2641704), is out of stock with the supplier until April 2024. Once the stock in the supply chain is exhausted, all presentations of olsalazine will be out of stock.  

People will need to change to a different medicine. 

Affected products

All listed presentations and brands of olsalazine are out of stock. The registered brand (Dipentum) has been out of stock since 2021. The listed alternative, Atnahs Olsalazine, is out of stock with the supplier from February 2024. The stock shortages are caused by issues at the manufacturer level.

Chemical: Olsalazine

Brand: Atnahs Olsalazine

  • Pharmacode: 2641704
  • Subsidy: $56.02
  • Measure / Qty: per 60

Brand: Dipentum

  • Presentation: Tab 500 mg
  • Pharmacode: 426342
  • Subsidy: $93.37
  • Measure / Qty: per 100

  • Presentation: Cap 250 mg
  • Pharmacode: 588679
  • Subsidy: $53.00
  • Measure / Qty: per 100

Alternative to olsalazine

We have received clinical advice that other funded products are available. We ask prescribers to check the Online Schedule for suitable funded alternative.

We acknowledge the issues that changing medicine can create for people. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. We're working with the supplier to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Rectal and Colonic Anti-inflammatories in the Schedule(external link)

Aminosalicylates in the New Zealand Formulary(external link)

We note there is also a supply issue affecting the 800 mg strength of mesalazine 

Pharmac cannot offer advice on anyone's individual clinical circumstances. These links provide information to support clinical decisions. 

Expected resupply

We anticipate Atnahs Olsalazine (500 mg tablets) will be available again in April 2024. 

We do not as yet have a resupply date for either presentation of the Dipentum brand.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about this supply issue, contact Clinect info@clinect.com.au

If you have any funding enquiries, email enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz

Please include as much information as you can about the product (presentation, brand, pharmacode) and who your wholesaler is. 

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