Insulin isophane with insulin neutral: Discontinuation

Discontinuation Active

Mixtard 30, PenMix 30 and PenMix 50 are being discontinued by Novo Nordisk.

Affected products

Novo Nordisk is discontinuing the following products: 

Brand Presentation Chemical Pharmacode
Mixtard 30 Inj human with neutral insulin 100 u per ml Isophane insulin, insulin human 797189
PenMix 30 Inj human with neutral insulin 100 u per ml, 3 ml Isophane insulin, insulin neutral 785733
PenMix 50 Inj human with neutral insulin 100 u per ml, 3 ml Isophane insulin, insulin neutral 785768

Novo Nordisk made this decision because of the age of these insulin products (they were first registered with Medsafe over 30 years ago) and the availability of funded alternatives. PenMix 40 was discontinued in 2022.

Schedule listing for isophane insulin with insulin neutral(external link)

People who use Mixtard 30, PenMix 30, or PenMix 50

There are funded alternatives. You can continue to access insulin treatment. You will need to talk to your prescriber between now and the end of September about the best alternative for you. 

For health care professionals

There are a number of other fully funded insulin products that may be suitable alternatives for your patients.

We encourage healthcare professionals to discuss a safe transition to an alternative funded product based on your patient’s individual needs. 

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Insulin information in the NZ Formulary(external link)

When will this happen

The final shipment of the discontinued products will arrive by 30 September 2024. We will keep the products listed until stock runs out.

Who to contact

If you have questions about this issue, email

Please include as much information as you can about the product (presentation, brand, pharmacode) and who your wholesaler is.

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