Gentamicin sulphate (Pfizer) Inj 40 mg per ml, 2 ml ampoule: Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Pfizer is expecting a supply issue with the gentamicin inj 40 mg per ml, 2 ml ampoules (Pharmacodes 771740 and 2498588)

About the issue

Pfizer has regulatory changes planned for late 2024 which will lead to an out of stock of their brand of gentamicin from November 2024.

Pfizer has advised its current supply of gentamicin inj 40 mg per ml 2 ml amps is currently short dated with August 2024 expiry, an additional shipment is due at the end of July which will also be short dated (expiry November 2024).

Presentation Brand Pharmacode Subsidy Measure / Quantity
Inj 40 mg per ml, 2 ml ampoule Pfizer 771740 $18.38 per 10

This issue does not affect other presentations of gentamicin.

Schedule listing for gentamicin(external link)

HML listing for gentamicin(external link)

Alternative products

Pfizer is working on sourcing an alternative. We will update this page with details once they are available.

Who to contact

You can email Pharmac on